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Established in 1998,  The Courtesy Honda Group was the first dealership of Honda at Chandigarh. Led by the pioneering founder and chairman, Mr R.S . Lally,  through his decades of global experience in the motor industry, the dealership has since grown with multiple branches across north India with over 1,00,000 happy customers.

With our core values focused on excellence and a commitment towards unparallel customer satisfaction, our dealerships have been honoured with a  gamut of awards for their diligence and love of selling cars. We won the  Gold award for UIO sales both in 2021 and 2020, the Gold award for retail target achievement in 2019, the Bronze award for highest achiever award in 2019 and the Gold award for highest volume achiever in 2018.

We aim to ensure that all our customers can get the dream car they have always yearned for and to cater to all their diverse needs so that they always get the peace of mind that comes from owning a Courtesy Honda Car.


All-New Elevate

You’re the chase
Rs. 11 91 000*

1498 CC | 24.7 KM/L | 79.12 BHP


Jeete Hain Shaan Se
Rs. 7  92 800^

1498 CC | 24.7 KM/L | 79.12 BHP

City - 5th Gen

Rush Of Supremacy
Rs. 12 08 100*

1498 CC | 24.1 KM/L | 97.89 BHP

City e:HEV

India’s Supreme Electric Hybrid
Rs. 20 55 100*

1498 CC | 26.5 KM/L | 96.55 BHP

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Resham Singh Lally

In Loving Memory of Mr. Resham Singh Lally

(15th August 1940 - 8th May 2023)

We honor the extraordinary life of Mr. Resham Singh Lally, a titan in the global auto industry, whose enduring legacy reflects his unwavering dedication and visionary spirit. As the Founder and Chairman of Courtesy Honda, his transformative actions deeply impacted the automotive landscape and enriched countless lives.

From humble roots in Punjab, India, Mr. Lally transcended boundaries, with his British nationality enriching his global journey. His dynamic leadership over two decades guided Volvo, VW, Audi, and Renault dealerships in the UK towards innovation and success, revolutionizing customer service along the way.

Endowed with innate compassion and humility, Mr. Lally’s charisma touched every soul he encountered. His aptitude for nurturing talent illuminated paths for many. His entrepreneurial instinct propelled him to establish flourishing Ford and GM dealerships in Orlando, USA. Today, his sons uphold his legacy, steering these ventures with their father’s fervor and dedication.

Embracing challenges, Mr. Lally recognized the potential of India’s burgeoning automotive market. He pioneered India’s first Honda dealership in Chandigarh in 1998, establishing himself as a trailblazer. His steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction enabled over 100,000 Honda owners to relish the joy of car ownership, underscoring his enduring legacy.

As we say goodbye to Mr. Lally, we hold dear his impactful influence and the memories he leaves behind. His life serves as a testament to resilience, ambition, and the transformative power of boundless dreams. His legacy continues to inspire, resonating across time and space.

We pay tribute to this extraordinary individual whose legacy continues to inspire generations to come. May Mr. Lally rest in eternal peace, knowing his spirit echoes in the hearts he touched. His journey remains an emblem of inspiration, forever remembered and cherished.

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